T&E Studies

Streamside Ecological Services, Inc. (SES) has conducted dozens of assessments for threatened, endangered and special concern species for a variety of clients throughout Michigan. We pride ourselves on thorough studies and surveys that result in win-win situations for our clients and the environment.

We have extensive knowledge and experience in rare fish, macroinvertebrate, mussel and plant surveys, as well as the regulatory issues that affect these species. Many clients have relied on our expertise to document presence of T&E species, to assess the ability of the habitat to support rare species, and to assist with project impact analysis and designs.

We have conducted studies in a variety of environments, from the 30 foot depths of the Detroit River to the steep ravines of the Lake Superior shoreline. We recently documented the northernmost population of state endangered redside dace (Clinostomus elongatus) ever reported.

Threatened and endangered species typically require special handling and evaluation techniques, as well as the proper state permits allowing us to complete the work. We use state and federally accepted protocols and procedures and hold all of the necessary permits to ensure that results of our work are accurate and indisputable.

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