macroinvertebrate studies

Streamside Ecological Services, Inc. (SES) has conducted dozens of macroinvertebrate assessments for a variety of clients throughout Michigan. We are intimately familiar with standard sampling and analysis protocols that are required by state and federal agencies. We can also tailor a study to fit the needs of the client.

The type and diversity of aquatic insects living in a stream can be indicative of water quality, the productivity of a stream and the food supply of fish. Macroinvertebrate communities can be very sensitive to both short and long-term changes in habitat conditions and water quality. This knowledge has proven useful for watershed management planning, project impact analysis, and restoration designs, among others.

We will conduct large scale, long-term studies, one time sampling or help train your volunteers to keep track of water quality in their home rivers. We can perform detailed identification and analysis, or employ methods that are fun, simple and accepted by the state for volunteer assessment projects.

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