fish studies

Streamside Ecological Services, Inc. (SES) has conducted fisheries assessments for a wide variety of clients throughout Michigan. For over 10 years, staff at SES has offered a full spectrum of services, from population estimates to community surveys and threatened and endangered species surveys.

We specialize in survey of small to medium sized streams and rivers. No matter if you are landowner wishing to improve the fishery on your property, or a global company with a large, complex project, we offer the service to meet your needs.

One particular area of interest are rare species, such as the state endangered redside dace (Clinostomus elongatus). We have significant expertise, conducting surveys from southeast MI to the west end of the Upper Peninsula. Many clients have relied on our expertise to document presence of T&E fish, to assess the quality of habitat and to assist with project impact analysis and designs. Threatened and endangered species typically require special handling and evaluation techniques, as well as the proper state permits allowing us to complete the work.

services offered

  • Habitat improvement design and implementation
  • Mitigation
  • State and federal permitting